Underground connection 

Connect your building to the telecom network of POST Luxembourg. We put in place an underground cable connection for your single-family home or commercial building to add and carry out the work at your request as far as technically possible.

How does it work?

Your single-family home or commercial building to add can access fibre optic broadband through an underground cable connection. The work is carried out by POST Technologies as far as technically possible.

Connecting apartment buildings

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Connecting single-family homes

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Prepare for your building’s cabling work

We are rolling out a new fibre optic network nationwide. To take advantage of the new features of this technology, your building requires adequate internal cabling. Here are the details:

  • Structured internal cabling for single-family homes: nowadays, the need for internal cabling in a single-family home goes without saying. Making calls, browsing at ultra-high speed, watching TV and controlling your smart home system is all possible thanks to state-of-the-art internal cabling.
  • Structured internal cabling for apartment buildings: before residents of apartment buildings can take advantage of the features of fibre optic connectivity, fibre optic cables must be installed from POST Technologies’ central control unit, and from the basement or the garage of the building, to your apartment.

Installing this type of internal cabling makes it possible to cater for all needs in terms of telephony, ultra-high speed Internet, IPTV and multimedia services. Your building will be ready for the innovations of the future.

The following plans are available to you for free:

  • Download the document on connecting apartment buildings here
  • Download the document on connecting your single-family home here

Extract from our underground network plans

The POST Technologies Landline Network Documentation Department has detailed plans on the route of the underground telephone network cables as well as the location of the equipment in the network. Plans can be made available to you free of charge. Here are the details:

  • If you plan to carry out excavation work, we recommend that you request, in advance, an extract of the plans from the Landline Network Documentation Department.
  • If, during your work, you damage a telephone cable without having requested information on the route, your insurer may refuse to cover the cost of repairing the cable.

Why choose us?

The wholesale organisation of POST Luxembourg Group operates POST Fixed and Mobile telecommunication networks as well as the national and international connectivity for local and foreign operators.

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