Ultra-high capacity and best in class coverage in Luxembourg with an international footprint to support our customers requirements for optical connectivity. We are the partner of choice for your connectivity requirement in Luxembourg and abroad. POST, the Wholesale partner of choice in Luxembourg.

Why adopt optical connectivity?

Ultra-capacity and low latency

High bandwidth capacity and low latency to support all use cases for professional and Wholesale connectivity.


Always on-net with near 100% optic coverage of all relevant business areas in Luxembourg. Own international network and points of presence. 81% of households with 1Gibt access.


We have 24/7 monitoring of your connectivity and alerting based on a state-of-the-art NOC and support teams.

IP Transit

Global coverage from a single AS (Autonomous System), fast and easy access to the rest of the Internet, with reliable connectivity via major European IXPs and multiple Tier 1 providers. FR

  • Performance
    Direct connections to major content providers, hyperscalers and cloud networks, as well as multiple Tier1 networks
  • DDoS Mitigation
    A range of services design to protect your Internet connectivity and services by detecting and remediating up all DDoS attacks
  • Response time for end-user applications
    By closely monitoring and analysing probes distributed throughout our network, response time is always optimised


Within Luxembourg, enjoy dark fibre's near limitless capacity allowing customers to have full control of their network and be ready to support future requirements for increased bandwidth.

  • Coverage
    Incumbent in Luxembourg, POST covers the whole territory, fibre path can be designed with high flexibility, avoiding SPOF to customer
  • Security
    As a private network, the customer does not share the connection with anyone else, so no one else can use, track or transmit information. This solution is perfect for handling sensitive information.
  • Scalability and Flexibility
    A further benefit of the dark fibre strategy is scalability and flexibility, as the only limitation is the equipment used by the customer, allowing it to meet the rapidly scaling needs of today's businesses.


Point-to-point connections for any capacity from 2 Mbps to 10 Gbps over an extensive network infrastructure that seamlessly connects all customer sites in Luxembourg or in Europe’s main datacentres to anywhere in the world.

  • Scalable and cost-effective
    A redundant European backbone to support any bandwidth change without complexity.
  • Cloud based options.
    Ethernet network connects critical cloud-hosted applications to all major public cloud platforms (AWS, Azur, Cisco, Google Cloud, Oracle, etc.)
  • Reliability
    24/7 network monitoring from the Network Operations Centre to ensure optimal performance and network reliability.


Based on state-of-the-art optical transport network technology, Wavelength Services are ideal for critical and latency-sensitive applications in Luxembourg and abroad. We provide secure point-to-point transmission links up to 400 Gbps and beyond.

  • Flexibility
    Depending on resilience requirements, a variety of designs can be built including unprotected, core protected, and access protected designs.
  • Reliability
    Depending on resilience requirements, a variety of designs can be built including unprotected, core protected, and access protected designs.
  • High security and privacy – Encryption
    When it comes to high-risk applications, Layer 1 encryption ensures that in-flight data is fully protected 24/7, regardless of distance, in Luxembourg or abroad.

Why choose us?

The wholesale organisation of POST Luxembourg Group operates POST Fixed and Mobile telecommunication networks as well as the national and international connectivity for local and foreign operators.

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