Eligibility for fibre

Check whether the address of your house, apartment building or office is eligible for fibre optic in a few clicks.

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What is optical fibre?

Optical fibre is the technology of the future: thinner than a strand of hair and more powerful than any other type of cable. An optical fibre is a fine glass wire that conducts light. Because of its specific properties, data streams can be transmitted at very high speeds over long distances.


Optical fibre can transmit an almost unlimited amount of data at ultra-high speed. It allows operators to simultaneously offer their customers a phone connection, ultra-high-speed internet, TV (IPTV), video conferencing, and much more.


The network’s stability is immune to electromagnetic interference. The signal remains constant even over long distances. Your network is thus more secure to offer you enhanced data protection.


The very low latency of optical fibre enables rapid data exchange at the speed of light. This makes your network more efficient and easier to use in your house, apartment building or at the office.

Fibre ready homes

Please follow these steps to order your telecommunications services:

  • Your home is connected to POST Luxembourg’s fibre network via internal pre-wiring.
  • In order to enjoy your usual internet, landline and television services, we recommend that you contact your telecommunications operator as soon as possible. 
  • Please specify your connection number when placing an order with your telecommunications operator. Your connection number (169XXXXXX or 612XXXXXX) can be found on the label affixed on the ONT (Optical Network Unit) of POST Luxembourg.

Why choose us?

The wholesale organisation of POST Luxembourg Group operates POST Fixed and Mobile telecommunication networks as well as the national and international connectivity for local and foreign operators.

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