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Get to know POST Technologies.

From the Telegraph Administration to fibre optic technology for everyone

Today, POST Technologies consists of around 800 employees. Its operational revenue of 358.37 million Euros amounts to half of the entire revenue of POST Group (figures from 2011).

POST Technologies is the department of POST Group which is responsible for implementing and maintaining fixed and mobile telecommunication networks as well as all related technical solutions.

Their main current project is to launch a fully fibre optic network that will cover the entire Luxembourg area by 2020. POST Technologies have, in fact, accepted the challenge posed by the national strategy of the Luxembourg government to make ultra high-speed networks available to everyone, whereby a network is set to be implemented with speeds of up to 1Gb/s.


Since its foundation in 1861 as the Telegraph Administration, POST Technologies has given rise to many innovations in the world of electronic communication. By adapting themselves to each new technology, they have become the leading operator and market leader in the ICT sector in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


In 1922, they introduced automatic switching for the first time to their customers in the capital area. In 1972, they embarked successfully on the satellite communication era and in 1993 they launched "Luxgsm", their first mobile network.


An operationnal committee, comprising the managerial staff of POST Technologies and chaired by Mr Gaston Bohnenberger, Director, is in charge of the day-to-day management of the company.