POST Technologies' Platforms

Technology of the platforms
POST Technologies offers a complete portfolio of services on its technical platforms. We offer national fixed access and mobile networks, as well as an international Teralink network.
In addition, we offer satellite connections through our backbone network as well as international interconnections between our internet, telephone (PSTN) and roaming networks.
The services are divided into five categories:

  • VoIP with various added value services such as virtual PBX, Cloud PBX, Call Centre Functions, fixed/mobile convergence services such as LuxZone
  • Messaging such as MyLife and MyOffice as well as email, SMS, MMS, voicemail
  • Content delivery such as television services (IPTV), Media Cloud, Web Hosting
  • Managed IT services such as the complete Microsoft Collaboration range (Exchange, Lync, SharePoint)
  • Managed virtual infrastructure services in the "POST cloud" (servers, storage, firewall)

The technical platforms consist of:

  • specific applications offering the services mentioned above, such as VoIP, IPTV, …
  • servers hosting these applications
  • storage for service and customer data
  • a firewall to protect the various domains
  • a connection to the backbone network, so the services can be provided via POST Technologies' network
  • a Data Centre containing these infrastructures

All platform architectures were developed using the latest Cloud Computing virtualisation technology, offering an efficient, highly available and geo-redundant solution.