Interconnect services

Interconnect services

Conditions to interconnect with POST's Telecommunication Network.

Our interconnect offer (RIO) covers the following services:

  • Terminating Access Service
  • Carrier Selection and Preselection
  • National Transit
  • Premium Rate Numbers
  • Freephone Numbers
  • Number Portability

Terminating Access Service

The terminating access service conveys calls handed over by Operator's System, at a POST access point for termination on any national number of POST's network. Interconnection is offered as national interconnection allowing to terminate traffic to the whole country through one access point and/or as regional interconnection allowing to terminate traffic to the 3 regional areas. Tariffs for terminating services differ from the type of Interconnection and from the type of service (national geographic numbers, freephone numbers, premium rate numbers, special numbers).

Carrier Selection (CSC) and Carrier Preselection (CPS)

Carrier Selection

The Carrier Selection Service allows end-users to choose on a call by call basis, an operator for the call handling by dialing an access code. POST provides the routing or switching service to ensure that the call is handed over to the chosen operator's network.

Carrier Preselection

Upon request of an operator, the operator's selection code will be configured for a dedicated customer line in POST's network. Three different types of CPS are provided: (i) only for national traffic, (ii) only for international traffic (iii) for all kind of traffic. All of the end-users traffic for which CPS has been ordered will be routed to the operator's network.
A subscriber who has opted for CPS can nevertheless override the CPS for specific calls by dialing POST's or another operator's Carrier Selection Code.

National Transit

The transit service is the interconnection service whereby POST routes traffic handed over from one interconnected operator's system which is transmitted to another interconnected operator's system on its telecommunications network. POST will ensure the transparent communication of all signaling information (including CLI-related), which was communicated to it in relation to the handing-over of traffic.


Number Portability

Number portability allows an end-user to retain its originally assigned telephone number when changing from one network operator (donor network; donor operator) to another (recipient network; recipient operator).

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Reference Interconnect Offer (RIO)

All the offers shown before are applicable under the conditions defined by the present Reference Interconnect Offer (RIO) and in accordance with applicable legislation and decisions.

Wholesale line rental service (WLR)

Wholesale line rental service (WLR)

WLR services give national operators the opportunity to offer their customers voice services including a whole range of supplementary services.

By offering WLR services to your customer you manage the whole customer relationship including billing without intervention of POST, thus binding your customer exclusively to your company. Service Description – Wholesale Line Rental

The WLR services on POST's fixed public switched telecommunications network includes the following basic services: analogue POTS access line, ISDN basic rate single access line, and associated facilities. The WLR services are offered with/without the operator's Carrier Preselection (CPS) or Carrier Selection Code (CSC) according to the technical and financial conditions included in the Reference Interconnect Offer (RIO).

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CommercialnLine Rental

This Reference Line rental Offer ("RLO") defines the minimum terms and conditions which POST shall apply to operator's in order to provide them with Wholesale Line Rental Services ("WLR Services").