POST Technologies is bringing optical fibre to the entire country and also to your street.

In order to offer ultrafast internet services, we are modernising our network.

The benefits of optical fibre

An optical fibre is an ultrafine glass fibre that conducts light. Optical fibre are able to transport large amounts of data over great distances at the speed of light.

Optical fibre are the basis of the ultra-high-speed network, which allows for TV, phone, video conferencing, IT data transmission, ultrafast internet access and many other services.

Optical fibre come with various benefits:

  • ultrafast internet access
  • higher internet performance and better quality with a bigger download volume
  • high-definition (HD) TV
  • development of new applications such as home automation, telecommuting, telemedicine
  • can be simultaneously used by all family members, without being limited by sharing broadband

A long-term investment

Fibre optics is considered `future proof´ because of its almost unlimited data transmission capacity. The transmission speeds are only determined by the equipment connected to a fibre optic cable.

The maximum speed at which a fibre can ‘transport' data has still not been reached and probably never will be. Installing a fibre optic communication network is a reliable investment for the future.

After the preparatory work of the last few years, POST Technologies has started to connect every home to an underground fibre optic network. This also requires more or less important civil engineering works.

How will this work?

  • POST Technologies will cover all installation costs for fibre optics in your street. This work will be carried out for free.
  • POST Technologies will get in touch with you. We will explain to you how your home will be connected to the new network, if it has not been connected already.
  • POST Technologies will carry out these works step by step and street by street in order to limit any inconvenience.