Reference Colocation Offer

The Reference Co-Location Offer (RCO) specifies the terms and conditions applicable to colocation in Post Technologies’ equipment rooms included in the RCO.

 Co-Location enables operators requesting for colocation to install and maintain their own valuable equipments in one or several Post technologies' sites, duly equipped for such purposes, and to interconnect their own systems and networks to Post technologies' telecommunication network.


Current RCO

RCO 2018.pdf

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RCO 2018 Version 1 November

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Reference Interconnect Offer

The Reference Interconnect Offer (or "RIO") specifies the terms and conditions applicable to interconnection.

 Interconnection enables alternative operators (or "OAO") requesting for interconnection to allow their end-users connected to their own telecommunication system to communicate with end-users connected to Post's telecommunication network as well as to benefit from services accessible through Post's telecommunication system, and vice versa.

 The RIO covers mainly the following services:

  • terminating interconnect traffic
  • number portability
  • interconnection links


Current RIO

RIO 2018

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RIO 2018 as from March 2018

Current RIOM

RIOM 2018

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RIOM 2018 as from March 2018

Annex of RIO


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Annex 10 to the RIO "Geographical limits for regional interconnection"

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Reference Unbundling Offer

The Reference Unbundling Offer (RUO) specifies the terms and conditions applicable to unbundling.

Unbundling enables operators requesting for unbundling to be provided by Post with the local loop unbundling services as set forth in the RUO.

The RUO covers mainly the following services:

  • unbundled local loop
  • sub-loop unbundling
  • duct sharing services


Current RUO


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This version is applicable as of 1st November 2018.

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Broadband Services

Current ROB

ROB Version of 1 July 2018

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This version will be effective on 1st July 2018

Leased Lines

Leased Line Services

Current ROLLS


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ROLLS as of 22nd April 2016


Mobile Services

Reference Offer for Wholesale Roaming Access

Reference Offer for Wholesale Roaming Access

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The information contained in this tab is strictly confidential and only accessible to operators who have signed a colocation, unbundling or Bitstream contract.

Rapport de conformité EoI 2018

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